About the Global Data Project

We are doing a comprehensive survey of the medical conditions that effect dental patients

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The Weston Price Award

https://globaldataproject.info/services/Find out how you can earn the Weston Price Award.  A award given to dentists who help with the project.


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Keeping up to date

Our medical landscape is changing.  We must always regather information as to what specific conditions the dental public has.  Much of the information we are relying on is outdated.  The pharmaceutical and medical landscape has changed.  We as dental professionals are doing procedures and administrating medication to people were we may not know the full story of their medical condition

What the project aims to do is update the medical conditions of the public at large.  The dentist who participate in this project are helping their community become more informed and ready to take on the challenges of the dental practice.

The project will end on December of 2019 and the papers should be released in the fall of 2020.  This project is a non for profit and relies on the help of its contributors and benefactors.